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Why use biodegradable dog poo bags?

Why use biodegradable dog poo bags?

Why use biodegradable dog poo bags?

No matter the place, dog poo should always be picked up. When outside, whether you are somewhere off the beaten path or in a bustling city, if your dog has gone number two, it should be picked up. Not only would it be inconsiderate to others if not, but not picking it up might lead to significant public health implications.

According to the CDC, “Poop from pets, like dogs and cats, can carry germs like bacteria and parasites that can make people sick. Poop from pets can also contaminate waterways and harm the environment.” With this in mind, cleaning up after your pet is incredibly important.

Where to dispose of dog waste?

When you are out and about, dog poop bags should be disposed of in dog waste bins. When you are at home, dog poo bags should be disposed of in your domestic waste bin. However, always double-check with your local council as some areas continue to provide dog waste bins for dog waste.

Beco poo bags

Choosing the right poop bag is as important. For years, plastic bags have been the top choice. However, as consumers understand the damage that plastic does to the environment, reducing the consumption of plastic has been at the forefront of many pet owners’ minds. So, what’s the alternative to disposable plastic poo bags?

The answer: biodegradable poo bags or compostable poo bags.

Compostable poo bags vs biodegradable poo bags

Even though both compostable and biodegradable poo bags are greener options than plastic bags, they are not the same.

Eco-Friendly Poo Bags

Biodegradable poop bags.

Biodegradable bags break down into their original components. It is essential to be aware of the materials that biodegradable bags are made with. Some biodegradable bags are made with an additive that promotes the breakdown of plastic but it is only biodegradable under certain conditions.

Which biodegradable poo bag to buy?

Wilderdog Biodegradable Poo Bags

These poo bags are manufactured with EPI's biodegradable additive, which makes plastics degrade and biodegrade much more rapidly than conventional plastics.

Wilderdog Poo Bags

Ecohound Dog Poo Bags

These eco-friendly dog poo bags are made using 30% recycled plastic and 20% resin made from powdered oyster shell waste. These degradable poop bags are unscented, leak proof and feature easy tie handles.

Ecohound poo bags

Compostable poop bags.

Compostable bags fully break down into compost and transformed into organic matter, providing nutrients into the soil. These are often made of plant-based materials, such as corn starch and more. Basically, all compostable bags are biodegradable but not all biodegradable bags are compostable.

Which compostable poo bag to buy?

Beco Unscented Compostable Poop Bags

These are made with 30% cornstarch and 70% PBAT, a fully biodegradable polymer that breaks down completely without leaving toxic residues behind. These are certified home compostable poop bags that meet both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standards for compostability.

Beco Poo Bags

Bag and Boop Compostable Poo Bags

These plastic-free poo bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Bag and Boop bags are made with corn starch and meet the EN13432 standards. Plus, are both OK HOME compost and Din Certco certified. These poop bags will fully degrade within 180 days within ideal conditions.

Bag and Boop poo bags

In addition to compostable and biodegradable bags, there are also other eco-friendly poo bag options, including the Premium Box Large Dog Poo Bags. These are made from a blend of recycled plastic and bio-renewable oyster shell waste from a sustainable source.

Where to store your dog poo bags?

A dog poop bag holder is essential when going on dog walks. At Saffron Pawtique, we supply a variety of eco-friendly poo bag holders to keep in-line with your other eco-friendly choices. From Wilderdog Poo Bag Carrier, which can be easily attached to your dog’s lead, to leather poo bag holders, such as Green & Wilds Leather Poo Bag Pouch.

Dog Poo Carrier

Plus, even vegan alternatives to leather holders, including cork poo bag holders and fabric poo bag carriers. This includes Charcoal Cork Poo Bag Carrier and Maroon Poo Bag Carrier.

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