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Types of dog leads

Types of dog leads

Types of dog leads

We all know that regular exercise is vital to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. So, daily walks are essential for any dog, no matter the breed, size or age. When going for walks, a dog lead is one of the most important accessories for dogs and dog walkers.

Dog leads, also referred to as dog leashes, offer a physical connection between the dog walker and dog to help with dog training and guidance, including keeping dogs safe in public spaces. However, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lead. There are thousands of different types of leads to choose from. So, which one is the right one for your pup?

Flat dog lead

Are you on the lookout for the right lead for your brand-new puppy? Perhaps you are searching for a lead for a dog with behaviour issues. Maybe you want a robust lead for your beloved old timer. There are many factors to consider when picking out the right leash.

What to consider?

Dog size.

Smaller dogs will not need a very robust and thick lead. Most small dogs that have a good level of training will be happy with a standard, lightweight leash. However, big and strong dogs will require a thicker lead to keep them in control.

Small Dog Lead

Dog age.

Depending on the level of training, some dogs might need a stronger and shorter lead. This usually applies to puppies and younger dogs that do not have much training yet. Some older dogs that need more training or dogs that have behaviour concerns may also need strong and short leads.

Dog breed.

Every dog breed has unique physical features, personality traits and overall needs. Choosing the right lead for your dog’s breed will ensure your dog is comfortable during walks and responds more effectively to your commands.

Husky Dog Lead

Dog walking area.

The environment where you walk your dog should also play a big role in the type of lead you use. City dogs might require shorter leads to keep dogs safe near busy roads and streets whilst country dogs can use longer leads to roam free. It is also important to give some thought to the time of day and/or weather conditions when going for walks.

For instance, when taking dogs walking at night, it is essential to choose dog leads with reflective qualities. The Islander Reflective Dog Lead with Carabiner Clip and Alpine Reflective Dog Lead with Carabiner Clip are great choices. These have four strands of reflective tape woven into the rope for safer walks in low light or no light.

Reflective dog lead

Types of dog leads.

Standard leads.

As the name implies, standard leads are the most common type of dog leash for everyday use. Standard dog leads come in all kinds of lengths, materials and widths – from rope dog leads which are perfect for strong dogs and larger dogs to flat dog leads, such as cork dog leads and waterproof dog leads.

Rope dog lead

At Saffron Pawtique, we stock a wide selection of standard dog leashes. Some of our most popular leads include the Maple Dog Lead with Carabiner Clip and the Teton Dog Lead with Carabiner Clip. These Wilderdog dog leashes are high-quality dog leads made of rock climbing rope and feature a locking carabiner which prevents your dog from unclipping itself.

Flat dog leads are also available. These can be used for a variety of dogs and vary in material, size, colour and design. This includes the Teal Waterproof Dog Lead and the Plum Waterproof Dog Lead. These are made from PVC coated polyester webbing that repels water and dirt whilst feeling soft and comfortable against skin and fur.

Waterproof dog lead

Retractable leads.

Retractable leads are long leads that retract into a plastic case with a handle. The case has a locking mechanism that allows leads to be locked in place at any length.

Slip leads.

Slip leads are a collar and leash in one. Part of the lead will go over the dog’s head as the collar whilst the rest acts as the lead. As the name suggests, these are designed to be quickly slipped on dogs. These do not stop tightening when dogs pull, so it is only a good option for trained dogs that do not pull.

Adjustable leads.

Adjustable leads resemble standard leads. However, adjustable leads feature several loops along the leash to shorten or lengthen it using a clasp.


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