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Cat litter box vs cat litter tray

Cat litter box vs cat litter tray

Cat litter box vs cat litter tray

A cat litter box or litter tray is an essential part of your cat’s daily hygiene. Both litter boxes and litter trays can reduce stress, prevent accidents and decrease the risk of bowel and bladder problems. Plus, these provide a contained location for your cat to do their business whilst making it easier for cat owners to clean after their pets.

According to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, “the average cat will go to the toilet 3-5 times a day.” So, whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, you should give your furry friend plenty of options to go to the toilet. Even if your cat goes outside to go to the toilet, it is important to have different options available so cats always have a comfortable and safe option to relieve themselves.

Cat litter box.


  • Avoid messes
  • Less smell
  • Offer privacy
  • Discreet look

Cat litter boxes are closed enclosures that have a swinging door flap for cats to enter and exit. As many cats do not like to do their business in an open space, litter boxes are a great choice. Cat litter boxes prevent sand from spilling over and do not allow (as much!) odour to escape after your cat has used it.

Dome Cat Litter Box

Are covered cat litter boxes better?

Depends on the cat. Some cats might prefer having the added privacy of a closed space. However, other cats might not like a confined space with only one exit point.

Can cats share litter box?

The RSPCA recommends having one litter box per cat. “If you have more than one cat, make sure you provide enough litter trays - we recommend one tray per cat, and a spare is also a good idea.”

Where to put cat litter box?

Finding the right space to place the litter box is highly important. Litter boxes should be placed in a quiet area of the house, such as discreet corners. These should be placed away from the places your cat drinks and eats.

Best cat litter box.

Dome Cat Litter Box

White Dome Cat Litter Box

The Hoopo® Dome Cat Litter Box is a popular litter box. With a stylish and modern design balanced with functionality, this litter box is the best of both worlds. This eco-friendly litter box offers easy access for your cat, easy maintenance and cleanliness and helps reduce foul odours. Plus, you will not have to hide this litter box as it will seamlessly blend in with your interiors!

At Saffron Pawtique, we stock a variety of these modern cat litter boxes, including Grey Dome Litter Tray, White Dome Plus Litter Tray and Pink Dome Litter Tray. The standard version is suitable for small to medium sized cats whilst the plus version is designed for small to large cats.

Cat litter tray.


  • Perfect for nervous and elderly cats
  • Suitable for cats of any height
  • Keep track of when your cat goes to the toilet

Cat litter trays are open trays with a wide base and high walls designed for cats to use to relieve themselves.  Perhaps you have a nervous cat that does not like closed spaces or elderly cats that do not move as well as they once did, an open tray with no cat flap might be a better option. Maybe you want to keep track of your cat’s toilet habits, and with an open litter tray, you can easily do this.

Where to place cat litter tray?

As litter trays are open, it is best to place them in well ventilated spaces as they sometimes can give off odours. These are often placed in hidden areas of the house, so that you and your guests do not have to see your cat’s business.

Can you put cat litter tray outside?

Open litter trays should not be placed outside as these will be susceptible to the changing weather conditions. If you want to place your cat’s toilet outside, you need to cover it from the elements or choose a closed litter tray and/or box instead.

Best cat litter box.

Beco Cat Litter Tray

 Beco Cat Litter Tray

The Beco Cat Litter Tray is an eco-friendly litter tray made with plant-based materials. It features an easy clean tray with a click-on hood that will catch any kickback. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic litter trays, the Beco litter tray is a fantastic choice. To complement this litter tray, you can purchase Beco litter scoops, including Natural Cat Litter Scoop and Blue Cat Litter Scoop.

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