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Should dogs wear clothes?

Should dogs wear clothes?

Should dogs wear clothes?

Whether you’ve recently adopted your first dog or have had dogs all your life, the question “Should dogs wear clothes?” might have popped into your mind at least once. You might think that dogs shouldn’t wear clothing ever. Perhaps you enjoy dressing up your pet. But is it a good idea?

The main consensus when it comes to dog clothing is that as long as clothes do not restrict, harm or upset dogs, clothes are acceptable. Even though most dogs do not require anything besides their fur or coat, there are some exceptions. After all, all dogs are different and have individual needs and/or preferences.

Wilderdog Dog Fleece

Keep dogs warm.

According to the PDSA, a vet charity for pets in need, “A well-fitted coat on a cold winter’s day can help keep dogs with missing or very thin fur stay warm. In a small minority of dogs, sometimes special boots can protect their paws, especially if they often get to cuts and scrapes on their pads or are recovering from an injury to their paws.”

Not all dogs are made for cold environments and freezing temperatures. This includes small dogs and short-haired breeds, from Chihuahuas and Greyhounds to Labradors and Dachshunds. For these (and similar!) breeds dog clothes, such as dog coats, dog jumpers and dog fleeces will keep them warm during the colder seasons.

Dog Fleece

Some of our best-selling clothes for winter walks include Wilderdog Olive Dog Fleece and Wilderdog Berry Dog Fleece. These are quick-drying fleece jackets that will fit either over or under Wilderdog dog harnesses. In addition to these, we also supply dog hoodies, dog t-shirts and dog raincoats, such as the trendy and bright Yellow Dog Raincoat.

When dogs are ill and their immune system is weak, they might be more susceptible to having issues with their coat and skin or feeling cold indoors and outdoors. Keep your furry friend warm, comfortable and safe with the right type of clothing.

Keep dogs cool.

Cooling vests and dog cooling bandanas help dogs keep cool and comfortable on hot days. Cooling bandanas for dogs are used to cool the dog’s neck which, in turn, helps cool down the rest of the body. Bandanas are lightweight, offer heat relief and come in various colours and designs. So, not only are they practical but can be stylish too! With a stylish cooling bandana, your dog can be cool and look cool – what else do you need?

Wilderdog Dog Bandana

At Saffron Pawtique, we stock a variety of dog scarves and dog bandanas, including Swallow Print Dog Banana and Pink Blazer Dog Cooling Bandana. Plus, our collection is eco-friendly, made with good quality fabrics and varies in size to suit any type of dog.

Keep dogs safe.

After an operation, some vets might recommend dressing pets in a surgical vest to stop them from licking their stitches. It is essential to choose vests that fit well. Overly baggy vests or vests that are too tight will restrict movement and upset your pooch.

If you take your dog on long winter hikes and evening walks, you should highly consider having high visibility gear for both you and your dog. You might even walk by busy roads during other times of the day. High vis and/or reflective dog clothes and accessories will be a must-have.

Reflective Harness

The Eco-Pup Dog Raincoat features reflective tape on the collar for safe walks. The Alpine Reflective Dog Lead with Carabiner Clip has four strands of reflective tape woven into the rope for walks in low light and no light. The Wilderdog Teal Harness features two reflective fabric strips bordering the handle for some visibility at night. These are all good options!

Dog clothes can be highly beneficial for dogs depending on the circumstance. So, pay attention to your dog’s needs and tackle each situation accordingly. At the end of the day, your dog’s happiness and wellbeing are the priority. If you are searching for dog walking clothes or small dog clothes, browse our collection of clothes for dogs.

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