Plastic Free Products for Cats

Plastic Free Products for Cats

In support of Plastic Free July have a nose at some of these catastic plastic free products. These may just help to kickstart those small changes that can be made to reduce our plastic waste. Yes, your pet products help that too!

What Plastic Free Cat Products Can You Buy?

Beco bamboo bowls 

This bowl is made from bamboo fibres blended with rice husks, a by-product of rice farming, to create a sustainably made bowl. The natural strength of bamboo makes them as tough and hard wearing as plastic alternatives. Cats like it natural so no lacquers or plastics are used on this bowl. The low edge means whiskers don’t get crushed.

British Shorthair Cat with bamboo bowls

Wild Piccolo harness + collar

These stunning cat products are made from Cork with Steel hardware. Making them waterproof, super light, extremely durable and strong yet fashionable for any adventure cat.  

Keep it elegant and simple with Wild Piccolo's cat collar which has the addition of a safety stretch of organic cotton elastic behind the buckle. Super light, extremely durable and yet fashionable for any cat.

Wild Piccolo is a family owned, earth-conscious pet gear brand that is very passionate throughout it's hand making process. They ensure that all products meet their ethos of being vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. Wild Piccolo supplies are all hand-sewn and handcrafted in Ireland, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.

Cat in cork harness

Kitty Kardboard Pyramid 

Modern and stylish cardboard box pyramid that serves as a cozy hideaway for your cat, and a beautiful piece of decor for your home.

This product comes flat-packed and is printed with biodegradable, water-based ink, in effort to be as eco-friendly and safe for your cat as possible. It is very easy to assemble and requires no adhesive or tools - just simply fold and tuck. The design has 4 walls, a base and one front "entrance" for the cat.

Materials: Cardboard, Water-based Ink

Storage Tin

When you open your cats food or treats and pop it in the cupboard or leave it on the side; the smell of the food still lingers. Your cat keeps trying to claw their way in, we can't exactly blame them. But we do have a solution. 

This storage tin from Banbury is perfect for storing treats or food. It will look gorgeous in any home, with the trendy charcoal grey colour and cream accents.

Material: tin + non-toxic paint

Knotted Cat Toy 

Guaranteed fun with these 100% upcycled catnip toys! Toys are handmade with upcycled eco-friendly fabrics (organic cotton, bamboo, cotton and hemp) and stuffed with all-natural homegrown catnip.

Colors and patterns will vary with these catnip toys and will not be exactly as photo.

Handmade with love for your best friend.

Approximately 8cm x 2cm

cat with eco toy

Beco Litter Tray

An easy clean tray with a click-on hood to catch any kickback, keeping your floor litter free. Made from a unique biohybrid material that includes bamboo and corn starch plastic, this tray will last for years in your home whilst reducing your cat’s environmental impact.

bamboo litter tray


What plastic free products do you have for your cats? 


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