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Plastic Free Products for Cats

Plastic Free Products for Cats

Plastic Free Products for Cats

Do you want to become a more sustainable cat owner? Reducing plastic is a great way to be a more environmentally-friendly pet owner. Unfortunately, plastic is everywhere. From water bowls to cat toys, you can find these pet accessories riddled with plastic components. So, how to reduce your cat's plastic pawprint?

By opting for plastic-free cat products, of course. At Saffron Pawtique, we are a one-stop-shop for ethical and eco-friendly pet products. We stock all the cat supplies you will require to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. This includes cat beds, natural cat treats, cat grooming products, and much more.

If you are looking to embark on a plastic free lifestyle, have a nose at some of our purr-fect plastic free products. These may just help to kickstart those small changes that can be made to reduce our plastic waste. Yes, your pet products help that too!

What Plastic Free Cat Products Can You Buy?

Beco Bamboo Bowls 

Beco Blue Cat Bowl

These water and food bowls are made with a variety of plant-based materials, including bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks. Bamboo bowls are a great alternative to plastic bowls as these are tough, hard-wearing and eco-friendly bowls!

Beco cat bowls are also specially designed for our feline friends, featuring a low edge which keeps whiskers from being crushed. These are available in various colours, including Beco Blue Cat Bowl, Beco Pink Cat Bowl, Beco Grey Cat Bowl and Beco Natural Cat Bowl.

Wild Piccolo Harnesses and Collars

Wild Piccolo Blue Cork Cat Harness

Wild Piccolo handcrafts a variety of eco-friendly cat products in the UK, including cat harnesses and cat collars. These products are made from cork and steel hardware plus, coloured using natural dyes. Wild Piccolo's cat products are waterproof, lightweight, durable and super stylish! 

This family-run company is passionate about creating vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly pet products. All of their products are hand-sewn and handcrafted, giving each product the time and love it deserves. Choose between a variety of fashionable Wild Piccolo Cat Collars or cat harnesses for your lovely pet, some of the options include Apricot Cork Cat Harness and Arctic Blue Cork Car Harness.

Kitty Kardboard Pyramid 

Pink Cat Cardboard Pyramid

What cat doesn't love a cardboard box? Kitty Kardboard cat pyramids are the perfect alternative to the standard cardboard boxes. Both the Scatter Cardboard Cat Pyramid and the Rose Quartz Cardboard Cat Pyramid are beautiful cosy nests for your cat that can also act as a décor piece for your home. 

Kitty Kardboard pyramids are made in the USA out of recycled cardboard and printed with water-based, biodegradable ink. These cardboard cat houses are delivered flat packed and easily assembled in seconds. The pyramid design has four walls, a base and an entrance for your furry friend.

Storage Tin

Grey Cat Storage Tin

A storage tin is a must-have for any cat owner. Storage tins are perfect to store your cat's food or treats. Your cat will not be able to claw their way in and the smell will not linger - it's a fantastic yet simple storage solution!

The Banbury Cat Treat Storage Tin is fabulous to store cat food and treats plus, will look lovely in your home. It has been painted with non-toxic paints and features a charcoal grey colour and cream accents.

Knotted Cat Toys 

Knotted Cat Toys

Eco-Pup makes 100% upcycled catnip toys perfect for your cat to have fun with. These toss knot catnip toys are made with a variety of eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and stuffed with homegrown catnip. Due to being made from upcycled fabrics, colours and patterns will vary.

Beco Litter Tray

Beco litter trays are easy-to-clean trays that feature a click-on hook to catch any kickback. These are made from bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks. Complement your eco-friendly litter tray with a cat litter scoop, such as Beco Blue Cat Litter Scoop or Beco Pink Cat Litter Scoop.

bamboo litter tray


What plastic free products do you have for your cats? 


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