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Dog Collars vs Dog Harnesses: Which one is best?

Dog Collars vs Dog Harnesses: Which one is best?

Dog Collars vs Dog Harnesses: Which one is best?

Picking between a dog collar and a dog harness might be more challenging than you first thought. Not only are there thousands of different products to choose from but, whether you go for a collar or a harness, each will also have specific advantages and disadvantages.

Have you recently welcomed a new dog into your home? Perhaps your pup has overgrown its collar? Maybe your dog always had a collar and now you’re considering buying a harness? Whatever reason you might have, let’s run you through the pros and cons of using collars and harnesses.

Dog Collars.

Dog collars have been the go-to for years, and continue to be an essential accessory for any four-legged friend. Collars are practical (and should be comfortable!) but can also give a touch of style to a dog. Plus, can be left on at all times, making your dog easily identifiable.

Teal Waterproof Dog Collar

Can dog collars be washed?

Yes, most dog collars can be washed by hand using mild detergent and warm water. After washing, lay the collar flat to dry.

How tight should a dog collar be?

For a dog collar to sit comfortably on your dog’s neck, it should not be so loose nor too tight. There’s a two-finger rule that you can follow – you should be able to easily fit your pointer and middle fingers between the collar and neck.

Advantages of dog collars.

  • Help control your pet during walks when used alongside a dog lead.
  • Help your dog be easily identifiable.
  • Can be left on at all times.
  • Can hold ID tags with your phone number and/or address in case your dog gets lost.
  • Come in various sizes and colour

Dog with Collar

    Disadvantages of dog collars.

    • When the fit is too tight, it may cause skin irritation, neck injury or choking.
    • If the collar is too loose, the dog might easily slip out of the collar.
    • Might not be good for dogs that pull.
    • Might not be a safe option with certain medical issues.

    Best-selling dog collars.

    If a dog collar seems to be the best solution for your dog, now it’s time to pick the right one. At Saffron Pawtique, we stock a large collection of eco-friendly and ethical dog collars for dogs of all sizes. Some of our best-selling dog collars include Geopetric Play Day Dog Collar, Wilderdog Teal Waterproof Dog Collar and Wilderdog Sierra Dog Collar.

    Dog Harnesses.

    Dog harnesses support the dog’s torso instead of only wrapping around the neck. Harnesses appear to be more comfortable for dogs as it supports more of the dog’s body which, in turn, reduces stress on their neck.

    Red Dog Harness

    Are harnesses better for dogs?

    According to American Kennel Club, harnesses can be more comfortable for your dog when taking it for walks. Not only do harnesses help avoid injury, such as throat damage, but they will also alleviate dog back pain. However, harnesses should be used alongside a collar for identification purposes.

    Advantages of dog harnesses.

    • Support the neck, back, chest and legs of a dog.
    • Gives better control of movement.
    • Prevent dogs from slipping out.
    • Help alleviate back pain.
    • Help avoid injury of dogs that constantly pull the lead.

    Olive Dog Harness

    Disadvantages of dog harnesses.

    • Might be uncomfortable in hot weather.
    • Harder to put on and take off.
    • Do not have a place to carry an ID tag.
    • Takes time for dogs to used to wearing harnesses.

    Best-selling dog harnesses.

    In addition to our range of dog collars, we also supply a wide selection of high-quality dog harnesses. This includes our best-selling Wilderdog Tea Dog Harness and Wilderdog Olive Dog Harness. These harnesses by Wilderdog are versatile, tough and adjustable.

    Discover our full collection of eco-friendly dog supplies at Saffron Pawtique today. We have everything you need for your pup! From essentials, such as dog poo bags, to more stylish accessories, such as dog clothes.

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