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How to help dogs stay warm during winter

How to help dogs stay warm during winter

How to help dogs stay warm during winter

With the temperatures dropping, it is only natural to look at ways to help your furry friend stay warm. You might have wondered “Does my dog need a coat during winter?” or “How can I keep my dog warm during cold winter walks?”. Questions like these are normal. After all, we want only the best for your four-legged friends.

Wintertime can be fun for both dogs and dog owners. However, there are a variety of hazards that come along with the cold weather that you will need to be prepared for.  So, how do you help dogs stay warm during winter?

Puppy Playing in Snow

Consider dog clothing.

Not all dogs will need dog clothes during winter. Most dogs can cope with the weather for short periods of time due to their fur coats. However, some dogs will benefit from wearing an extra layer (or layers!) to keep them warm and dry.

The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) explain, “Dogs with fine or thin fur (e.g. Greyhounds and Whippets) and dogs that are very young, underweight, old or unwell need a warm dog coat when they go out, as they feel the cold much faster than other dogs. They should go out in the cold for shorter periods too.”

Dog coats and jumpers.

Unfortunately, some dogs do struggle to regulate their body’s temperature. In these situations, it is important to make your pup as comfortable as possible by introducing them to dog jumpers, dog coats or a dog hoodie in order to help them adapt to the chilly temperatures.

Wilderdog Fleece JacketImage by Wilderdog

Some of our best-selling warm dog clothes include the Wilderdog Berry Dog Fleece and Wilderdog Olive Dog Fleece. These are quick-drying fleece jackets that are lightweight, comfortable and will keep dogs warm outside and inside.

Neck accessories.

Dog bandanas and scarves can also help dogs keep cosy during cold winter walks. Our favourite is the Multi-Chevron Eco-Friendly Dog Scarf which has been described to make dogs both cosy and look adorable. One reviewer decided to go for this dog scarf as their senior dog’s collar was too rough on him.

In the house.

Some dogs might also feel chilly at home. To keep your pet warm during the winter, make sure they have warm blankets, such as the Wilderdog Waterproof Fleece Blanket, and that their bed is close to a warm part of the house.

Wilderdog Fleece BlanketImage by Wilderdog

During the winter, some days might be too cold to even go out for a walk. When this happens, it is important to make sure dogs feel exercised indoors. There are many different types of games you can play with your pet to keep it happy, from playing fetch with Green & Wilds Barry the Banana Dog Toy, to giving your dog an interactive dog game, such as the Marple Interactive K9 IQ Dog Game to keep it entertained for hours.

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