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Plastic Free Products for Dogs

Plastic Free Products for Dogs

Plastic Free Products for Dogs

The UK is without a doubt a nation of animal lovers. According to the 2022 PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report, 27% of UK adults have a dog with an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs. Dogs give us a lot of love, affection and happiness. In return, we buy them countless squeaky toys, fashionable clothing and a plethora of other pet products. However, many of these products are often made of plastic or come in plastic packaging.

But how much of this plastic actually gets recycled? In 2021, the Greenpeace reported that “less than 10% of everyday plastic – the plastic packaging that the things we buy is wrapped in – actually gets recycled in the UK.” This poses a threat to the environment, wildlife and even people. In case you want to start reducing the use of plastic, why not start by choosing plastic-free pet products?

With 10.2 million pet dogs in the country, this small change could have a large impact. At Saffron Pawtique, we are your one-stop-shop for ethical and eco-friendly, including plastic-free dog supplies, from dog bowls and dog collars to dog leads and dog poo bags.

What Plastic Free Products can you Shop at Saffron Pawtique?

Smug Mutts Toys

Smug Mutts Toy

Smug Mutts create dog toys made with natural hemp rope and untreated Beechwood. The natural hemp rope can act as a natural tooth brush and sheds in short length fibres which are safer to digest in small amount unlike synthetic rope toys. Beechwood is a great material too – due to its close grain structure, it should not have splinters and contains no chemicals, treatment of preservatives.

These durable, pet-friendly materials make up a selection of fantastic toys for dogs, including the Smug Mutts Knot Put, Smug Mutt Knot Three Times, Smug Mutt Tug-A-Ball and Mug Mutt One Ball Toy. These can be used to play a variety of games with your four-legged friend, guaranteeing to bring your dog hours of fun.

FoxMoth Dog Bandanas

Foxmoth bandana

FoxMoth has been handcrafting beautiful and practical pet accessories since 2018, focusing on dog bandanas. Also known as dog neckerchiefs, dog bandanas are beneficial for dogs that need to warm up during the winter but can simply be used as a fashion accessory.

FoxMoth bandanas are made with organic cotton and eco-friendly inks, and come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit all any dog. These also come in various designs and colours, including FoxMoth Autumn Plaid Dog Bandana and FoxMoth Midnight Crow Dog Bandana.

Eco Pup Dog Clothes

Eco Pup Hoodie

Eco-Pup dog clothing is comfortable and perfect for a variety of activities. All of their dog products are made in Canada with certified organic fabrics as well as Repreve recycled polyester and eco-friendly bamboo. They make a wide range of eco-friendly dog clothing, including fleeces, raincoats and hoodies.

Eco Pup Dog Fleeces, such as the Eco Pup Olive Dog Fleece, help dogs stay warm during cold days. These fit smoothly under a coat for extra warmth without causing irritation or rubbing. Dog raincoats are also available, including the Eco Pup Dog Raincoat in blue, pink or black with a bicycle design. The Eco Pup Bali Blue Dog Hoodie is a must-have wardrobe staple that will keep dogs cosy and comfortable.

Dog and Coast Pet Products 

Dog and Coast Drying Gloves

Dog and Coast are a small family-run business in East Devon who make a beautiful collection of sustainable and natural dog accessories and supplies. From eco-friendly grooming products, including Lemongrass Dog Dry Shampoo, Natural Mineral Dog Toothpaste and Charcoal & Neem Dog Shampoo Bar, to Cork Dog Poo Carrier Bag and Bamboo Dog Drying Gloves.

Snoods are also available. Dog snoods can keep pups warm during the winter covering their heads and necks. Dog and Coast Snoods are warm, soft and comfortable, having a similar texture to cashmere. These are available in different sizes.

Yakers Dog Chews

Yakers Dog Chews

Yakers dog chews are made from a mix of skimmed yak and cow milk and a small touch of lime juice and salt. These are extra durable, allowing dogs to chew for hours on end (and longer!). These natural dog chews are rich in protein and calcium plus, help fight plaque and tartar, being perfect for your dog’s dental hygiene.

Not only this but any small end pieces can be microwaves for 30-60 seconds until they puff up and can be given to dogs as a small treat when cool. A completely eco-friendly, no waste dog product! Available in small, medium and extra large sizes.

Wigglywoos Dog Accessories 

Wigglywoos Dog Accessories

Wigglywoos are an eco-friendly pet company that handcrafts vegan pet collars, harnesses, leashes and other accessories dog dogs using sustainable materials. Their pet gear is made in-house using hemp rope, hemp webbing, cotton and vegan cork leather.

Some of their beautiful eco products include the Nantucket Blue Just Hemp Flat Dog Lead, Studded Tea-Stained Just Hemp Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness and the Just Hemp Black Dog Collar. These are coloured using low impact, fibre reactive hand dyes. So, colours are only approximate. Inconsistency and variations of colour are to be expected. 

Wild Piccolo Dog Accessories

Wild Piccolo Colar

Wild Piccolo is an earth-conscious pet gear brand that is passionate about creating vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free pet products. All of their products are developed in Ireland and handcrafted in Scotland. As a slow-fashion brand, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.

Their dog accessories are made with cork. At Saffron Pawtique, we stock a wide collection of Wild Piccolo products, including dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leads, such as Wild Piccolo Arctic Blue Dog Collar 1 Inch Wide and Wild Piccolo Kelp Dog Harness.

Beco Dog Toys

Beco Dog Toys

Beco makes natural rubber chew toys, which are tough, springy and durable. Some of their dog toys also include rope, which is made from either hemp or recycled cotton. To keep dogs entertained for longer, toys can be stuffed with delicious treats.

Beco Pink Natural Treat Ball, Beco Blue Natural Rubber Bone and Beco Hemp Rope Chunky Ball and some of their fantastic dog toys. Beco also makes soft toys, including Beco Recycled Soft Giraffe Dog Toy, made from recycled plastic.

Bag and Boop Compostable Poo Bags

Bag and Boop Poo Bags

Bag and Boop make plastic-free, 100% compostable and biodegradable dog poo bags. These poo bags are made with plant-based materials, such as corn starch. These poop bags are EN13432, OK HOME compost and Din Certco certified and achieve full degradation within 180 days within ideal conditions.

To save 10% on dog poo bags and ensure you always enough for walks, we offer a dog poo bag subscription service. Simply select that option and choose your preferred time frame for recurring delivery. No minimum terms, you can stop at any time.

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