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Best of: Wilderdog Gear for Dogs

Best of: Wilderdog Gear for Dogs

Best of: Wilderdog Gear for Dogs

Wilderdog has been crafting gear for dogs on adventures since 2015. Wilderdog is known for creating good quality, robust and durable dog supplies that are made to last. Whether you are looking for a rope dog lead or a waterproof dog collar, Wilderdog will be a great brand to choose from.

At Saffron Pawtique, we supply a vast collection of Wilderdog products to suit all kinds of dog owners. From modern nomads always on the go to conventional pet owners who look for quality instead of quantity. Wilderdog has something for everyone.

How did Wilderdog start?

The idea of Wilderdog started among a group of friends over a weekend of camping. These friends who would often go out camping, climbing, biking, skiing or any other similar activity found themselves without sturdy pet equipment. This is when the idea for their original leash was born – a reliable dog lead that could be used for any adventure and that would last a lifetime.

Lifetime warranty.

The company is so sure that their dog gear will last forever when used properly that they offer a lifetime warranty on their products. However, if their dog gear is being used as a dog chew toy that will not be covered.

Where is Wilderdog made?

Wilderdog products are made in California. Wilderdog rope leads and collars are made from scratch at local facilities and then sent to Wilderdog HQ in Sacramento, where orders are processed and shipped worldwide.

Where to buy Wilderdog?

Wilderdog UK can be purchased online at Saffron Pawtique. We stock dog leads, dog collars, dog harnesses and a variety of other Wilderdog products that both dog owners and their dogs will love. Whether you need outdoor dog gear or waterproof dog gear, browse our full range of Wilderdog products to discover the products in stock.

Best-selling Wilderdog products.

Dog Harness

Dog Harness

This tough harness is designed for daily dog walks and can even withstand the most epic adventures. Wilderdog spent two years designing and testing dog harnesses to perfect the ultimate dog harness, and this harness was the final result. It comes in a variety of colours, including Olive Dog Harness, Berry Dog Harness and Pacific Blue Dog Harness.

Rope Dog Lead

Wilderdog rope dog leads are made from rock climbing rope, which creates the most durable lead available. Leads either come with a carabiner or quick release clip, and some leads have special features designed for specific adventures, including the Wilderdog Islander Reflective Dog Lead with Quick Clip that is perfect for walks in low light conditions.

Dog Fleece Jacket

To ensure dogs stay warm inside and outside, Wilderdog has created these lightweight and quick drying fleece jackets. These are comfortable dog fleeces that will keep dogs warm during winter walks or many older dogs feel a bit cosier inside. Available in various colours, including Grey Dog Fleece Jumper and Olive Fleece Jacket.

Dog Poop Holder

The Wilderdog Poo Bag Carrier is a must-have for dog owners. We have all been there… realising we did not bring enough poo bags during a walk. With a poo bag carrier, you can take a whole roll of dog poo bags, making sure you will always have one at hand.

Dog Poop Bags

These biodegradable dog poo bags are great for dog owners who are looking to reduce their plastic waste. Wilderdog poo bags are eco-friendly, extra thick and come in a box of 120 rolls. At Saffron Pawtique, we also offer a subscription option where you can save money and always have enough poo bags at hand.

Waterproof Dog Collar

This rubber-coted collar repels water and dirt while offering a comfortable feel to your four-legged friend. The Wilderdog waterproof collars are adjustable and are the perfect accessory for water-loving dogs. These are available in a multitude of shades, including Wilderdog Waterproof Black Dog Collar and Wilderdog Waterproof Olive Dog Collar.

Dog Bag

Wilderdog has made a dog bag designed to carry dog food when away from home. It comes with a stainless steel mug to portion meals. The Wilderdog dog bag comes in various colours, including Olive Dog Bag and Teal Dog Bag.

This bag can also be used for a variety of other purposes. For instance, our customers have used the bag as a carrier for their cameras and the mug as a tea mug for when camping.

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Find these fantastic Wilderdog products and many more at Saffron Pawtique. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the best product for your pup, do not hesitate to contact our team. For general enquiries, contact us at

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