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Are Pet Products Only For Pets?

Are Pet Products Only For Pets?

Are Pet Products Only For Pets?

We thought the answer was yes but turns out we are so wrong.

We have had you, our customers, show us just how adaptable these products are. Take a look:

Beco Bamboo bowl assumed for pets food or water. NO MORE - a perfect serving bowl for your house. Pop it on the table with nibbles or salad for people to help themselves to. Looks pretty stylish to us...


Wilderdog Doggy Bag, designed for carrying food kibble. NO MORE - now can carry your items including cameras! 

The food scoop that comes with the dog bag for scooping out kibble. Well you guessed it. NOW is the perfect cup for tea when out on walks or camping adventures. 


Wilderdog Fleece Blanket, perfect for dogs - NO MORE: It's for you too!

Here is Ada being very jealous of his mum for using his blanket. Sharing isn't always easy when it's this cosy so you might need to grab one each!

Wilderdog Fleece Blanket


Have you used your pet products in a different way? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email ( so we can add them to the blog above.



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