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Bag and Boop Compostable poo bags

Shine a Light on Bag and Boop

Shine a Light on Bag and Boop

Who is Bag and Boop?

Bag and Boop is a family run small, independent UK business. Their love for dogs and the outdoors inspired their products. 

What is Their Aim?

They are here to help you reduce your plastic paw print today. 

How are they Achieving Their Aim?

They are making products that are kind to dogs and the planet. This includes the products being plastic free.

What do you Stock of Theirs?

Compostable Poo Bags! 80 bags for £4.99

Why: Did you know as one of the estimated 10.1 million dog owners, the decision you make on what you use to collect and dispose of your dog's poo impacts the planet hugely.

What are the Ethical Credentials?

Purchasing a Bag and Boop product is the perfect opportunity to reduce your plastic paw print as there's zero plastic and no harmful chemicals insight.


Their biggest challenge is to tackle the misconception surrounding the different types of dog poo bags on the market. This is why we're proud to showcase planet-friendly range of 100% compostable dog poo bags.

Their bags are plastic-free, made from renewable sources (cornstarch), and leave behind zero micro-plastics. Within ideal conditions, the bags completely break down within 180 days. 

Their bags adhere to strict European standards: within 12 weeks no more than 10% of the original material remains in pieces bigger than 2mm, along with zero contamination of the soil. (Results based on ideal composting conditions.) When these bags compost they leave behind ZERO micro-plastics, only soil-enriching nutrients. 


On top of this they also said goodbye to sticker sabotage

They done this by taking the sticker away and replacing it with a recyclable kraft paper sleeve. Do you remember opening a roll of poo bags and trying to get the sticker off without tearing the bag? Every time it was pointless. This meant that one bag of the whole roll was always unusable. Well you can not forget these days. Every bag on the roll will be usable because there is no sticker, yay! 


Every month Bag And Boop make a donation to Ecologi to aid the mission to turn the tide on carbon emissions. Their support to Ecologi means that 13 treesa month are planted in reforestation projects.

These projects include: Mangrove planting in Madagascar, reforesting in Changalane, Mozambique and reforestation projects in Scotland. 

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