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Wilderdog 10ft reflective razzleberry lead UK

Wilderdog 10ft Lead Review

Wilderdog 10ft Lead Review

From Rachel about 10ft Wilderdog Lead:

We love our Wilderdog Leads. The 10ft is my go to for most walks because it gives me so much flexibility. I can pull it in to keep it shorter when we're roadside, but let him have the full length of it for maximum sniffing range when there's more space but he still needs to be on lead.

The carabiner that attaches lead to collar makes for quick and easy on and off, but you can also lock the clasp for security should you wish.

I find the rope very comfortable to hold, and the loop handle doubles as a perfect place to clip the water bottle. Our choice of design also has a reflective thread in it, so it's great in the dark.

Although the rope is thick it's not heavy, but it's definitely strong - ours has been well and truly tested by 55kg (and counting) of pulling power so you can be confident it won't snap! It washes well too - perfect for when your furry friend has decided to trail it through a load of mud, and you hadn't thought to use the waterproof Wilderdog lead - more on that next time.

Happy walking everyone!

Walking with 10ft Wilderdog Lead in UK

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