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Dog Walking Checklist

Dog Walking Checklist

Dog Walking Checklist

Do you ever go on a dog walk and midway through remembered that you forgot the poo bags at home? Perhaps you brought the water bottle but forgot the bowl for the water. It happens. No matter if you are walking one dog, two dogs or ten dogs – it happens to us all. So, instead of rushing around the house thinking about all the items you need for your dog walk, we have tried to make your life easier by creating the ultimate dog walking checklist.

What do you need to take on a dog walk?

Dog walking essentials.

1) Poo Bags.



As I’m sure you are aware, it is illegal to not pick up your dog’s poo from public places and/or footpaths and those who do not clean up after their dog can be fined. So, having a poo bag is the most important dog walking essential you will ever need. However, there are a few mistakes people make when buying poo bags: buying poo bags that are too thin and difficult to open.

Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

At Saffron Pawtique, we supply a large selection of eco-friendly dog poo bags and biodegradable poo bags that will help you clean up after your dog without a hassle! We stock Compostable Poo Bags by Bag and Boop, large poo bags, such as Ecohound Eco-Friendly 500 Dog Poo Bags and even poo bag carriers, such as Wilderdog Poo Bag Carrier.

2) Dog Collar and Tag.

Even though all dogs should be microchipped it is also a good idea to add a small tag to your dog’s collar with your information, so if your furry friend ever runs off, passersby can contact you and let you know where the dog is. In case you are looking for a new, durable and eco-friendly dog collar for your dog (or dogs!), browse our range of stylish and sustainable dog collars.

WilderDog Black Waterproof Collar

From cork dog collars, such as Wild Piccolo Artic Blue 1-Inch Dog Collar, and waterproof dog collars, such as WilderDog Black Waterproof Dog Collar to reflective collars perfect for evening walks or early morning walks, such as WilderDog Alpine Reflective Dog Collar.

3) Dog Harness.

Dog harnesses tend to be more secure and comfortable than dog collars as these disperse pressure over a larger surface area, from the dog’s chest, shoulder and upper back. So, it comes as no surprise that these are a popular choice for dog owners when taking their small to large dogs on walks.

WilderDog Dog Harness

We supply a range of dog harnesses, from small dog harnesses to large dog harnesses. Whether you are looking to switch from dog collar to dog harness on your walks or want to replace your old dog’s harness with a new and more durable harness, shop our range of dog harnesses. Our collection includes adjustable dog harnesses, such as Studded Black Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness, tough dog harnesses, such as WilderDog Olive Dog Harness, and colourful dog harnesses, such as Geopetric Play Day Dog Harness.

4) Dog Lead.

A dog lead to guide your dog is a must-have for dog walks. If you are training your dog, we would recommend a dog training lead, which is often a short dog lead to keep your furry friend close when your dog is learning the ropes. A long dog lead will be more suited for more experienced dogs to let them roam around without a worry.  

Buddy & Bone Mint Dog Lead

There are various types of dog leads to choose from, including reflective dog leads, such as WilderDog Alpine Reflective Lead with Carabiner Clip, eco-friendly leads, such as Wild Piccolo Eco-Friendly 4ft Lead and even stylish dog leads, such as Buddy & Bone Icy Mint Dog Lead. Shop for the perfect dog leash at Saffron Pawtique today!

5) Water Bottle.

A reusable water bottle with water for you and your dog is essential for any walk. Go for a leak proof water bottle, such as the Saffron Pawtique 500ml Reusable Water Bottle, that you can store in your backpack with all your other essentials.

6) Water Bowls.

No matter how far you are going on your dog walk, having water and a water bowl at-hand is vital to ensure your best friend keeps hydrated and happy. We stock a variety of water bowls for dogs, from dog travel water bowl, such as Collapsible Dog Bowl, and classic dog bowls that can be used for dog food or water, such as Beco Bamboo Ocean Waves Dog Bowl.

Beco Dog Bowl

7) Treats.

Don’t forget the treats no matter where you are going with your dog! Who doesn’t love positive reinforcement? We are not sure if your dog loves being rewarded for good behaviour or simply adores dog treats but how can blame them? We have healthy and tasty treats for all dogs, from natural dog treats, such as Pure Duck Treat Sticks, dog training treats, such as Pure Chicken Training Treats, and dog chews to help dogs clean their teeth, such as Boodles Bulls Horn Dog Treat.

Optional dog walking items.

How to carry all these items? Either grab a backpack and pop it all in or clip smaller items to your lead or belt keepers. Some small items can also be stored in jacket or trouser pockets. However you want to carry it; know you can go out on your walk and ensure you remember all your needed items by following our dog walking essentials checklist. Did we miss any essential dog walking item that you can’t go on dog walks without? Let us know by leaving a comment.

If you need help choosing the best dog supplies for your four-legged-friends, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today by submitting our online form or emailing We are happy to help with your queries!

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