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Aqueos Canine Disinfectant Spray

Shining a Light on Aqueos

Shining a Light on Aqueos

✓ Recyclable bottle ✓ Cruelty free ✓ Vegan friendly ✓ Made in the UK ✓

Supporting your cleaning routines and your first aid kits; Aqueos supplies pet hygiene products.

Keeping with the current events this year: Aqueos disinfectant products are effective against CORONAVIRUS and are verified by EN14476 testing.

Which only helps us make ensure that we can all keep as safe as possible at these current times. It's not been easy and although measures are changing we still have to be prepared.

Aqueos are always looking at ways to become more sustainable:

  • All of their disinfectant products have less than 1% active ingredient
  • are biodegradable
  • 98% of their products are sourced locally in the UK
  • they look for recyclable packaging wherever possible.
  • Their warehouse uses recycled cardboard as carton filling
  • re-uses boxes wherever possible
  • ingredients are not tested on animals
  • use no animal by-products.

You know their product works because behind them is a vast range of testing. Their disinfectants are proven to kill 99.999% of germs. They have been tested in a range of both professional and domestic environments including Stables, Racing Yards, Horse Transporters, Studs, Kennels, Dog Groomers, Veterinary Practices

You can rest assured these items are going to make great additions to your cleaning routine and your first aid kits.

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