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Shining a Light on Cycle Dog

Shining a Light on Cycle Dog

✓ Recycled ✓ Reuse ✓ Eco-Friendly  ✓

Cycle Dog products are in our range because they create quality dog products with a focus on the environment.

We don’t stock their whole range but we have given insight into another source of material they use on items we do not stock. We thought it would be nice to know the difference they make with both materials: recycled inner tube rubber and recycled plastic bottles.

What is recycled inner tube rubber?
This is the rubber from bikes. It specifically comes from the tubes inside the wheels.

How do they use recycled inner tube rubber?
Within some of their products Cycle Dog uses inner tube rubber. It is not always realised just how many bike tubes are thrown into landfills every year (Millions!). Cycle Dog are helping to reduce that waste. Inner tube rubber is not an easily recycled product, even most recycling facilities throw inner tubes onto the landfill. But that does not stop them. Discarded inner tubes are used for quite a few of their products including no-stink waterproof collars & leashes, travel bowls, Duraplush Springy toys and pickup bag holders.

What difference have Cycle Dog made?
Cycle Dog has already reclaimed hundreds of thousands of discarded inner tube rubber targeted for landfills and turned them into great dog products! They have saved

120 garbage trucks worth of tubes from the landfill.

What about the recycled plastic?
Well, alongside reusing inner tubes they also reuse plastic, more specifically they recycle plastic bottles. Plastic waste has recently become a big issue, so it's great that cycle dog are also helping reduce this waste by reusing it. The products that use recycled plastic bottles are beds, Eco-weave collars, Eco-weave leads and soft toys. The Toys and Beds alone have helped keep over

2 MILLION plastic bottles from ending up in landfills!

Which Cycle Dog products do we stock? 

We stock the Cycle Dog durable rubber dog toys that are made from reusing the inner tyre rubber. This means that they are Eco-friendly toys for your pup. The toys also feature a treat hiding area in their body, squeaky heads and have the ability to float in water. This means they are very versatile toys - can be used in the water or stuffed with treats to help your pup play. Even a general game of fetch. These tough dog toys allow for hours of long lasting fun for your dog. Guaranteed Fun, Safe, Tough

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