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American bulldog with Wild For Dogs Shampoo

Shining a Light on Wild For Dogs

Shining a Light on Wild For Dogs

100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, 100% recyclable, 99.5% natural, 76% organic

Wild For Dogs is the brand behind the shampoo and conditioner in bottles in our range. We've included these because they are Eco-Friendly yet beautiful.

How Are They Eco-Friendly?

Let's start with the ingredients: they are 99.5% natural and 76% organic! With no: SLS/alcohol, parabens, lanolin, artificial colours, perfumes, palm oil, silicones, methylisothiazolinone.

Surely if it’s natural it should be organic and visa versa?

To label a product as containing organic ingredients it could be only one ingredient. To receive certification products do not have to be 100% organic, this can be because items are very difficult to classify – like water! But Wild For Dogs supply the contents, so you know what you are getting is more than just that one organic ingredient. 

Well, natural covers a range of things – including lead! which is natural but toxic. You can also claim a product to be natural with 30% synthetic ingredients or only 1% of a naturally sourced ingredient. A bonus to Wild For Dogs is their transparency: you know the percentages of both organic and natural ingredients.

Organic, 99.5% natural, and 100% free from nasties.

The Packaging

These beautifully transparent ingredients are wrapped in a recyclable bottle for ease of use and environmental friendly factors.


And just when you think they couldn't do more, they actually are: Wild For Dogs has partnered with the incredible Wild At Heart Foundation. £1 from every purchase goes towards the global dog rescue and education projects of Wild at Heart. So when you are buying from them and supporting businesses you are also supporting global dog rescue!

In summary they are: Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Sustainable, Recyclable & Charitable.

Why not treat your dog to the hair wash they deserve? Don't forget to share with us of your lovely shiny pups!

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Lexie the American Bull Dog getting a bath with Wild For Dog Shampoo

Thank you Lexie for letting us use your stunning photos to compliment the blog [Insta: @lexie.xl.bully]

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