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Behind the scenes with Aspired

Behind the scenes with Aspired

Behind the scenes with Aspired

Hi All,
As a new, online company, we were extremely pleased when we were approached by a local product photographer, Jack from Aspired. He wanted to work with Saffron Pawtique to help showcase our products and his amazing photography. This gave us the opportunity to watch Jack ‘behind the scenes’ and an insight into the world of photographing animals.

Our aim was to incorporate a lifestyle theme as we felt this promoted our Eco-pup range in its most natural environment.

Where was the shoot?

We went to a local woods, Debden Barns near Saffron Walden, to get some natural lifestyle shots. The weather was beautiful and having a knowledgeable person like Jack meant that he could see the opportunities the woods provided for the photoshoot. This really helped for a productive session. 

Who's the dog model?

We are very lucky to have a local curly haired dog model, Coco the Cavapoo, showing off some of our eco friendly clothes and accessories for dogs. You may have already seen her feature on our social media accounts previously with other products from Saffron Pawtique. She is a pro at working the camera (and the
people behind it)! As the session progressed, we got some lovely photos of her in our new bamboo hoody, scarf and also our very popular, Geopetric lead and collar. 
Using a pup model can come with challenges. Sometimes they think you're asking them to do something else, so patience is a great quality to have when working with pups.

What happened during the shoot?

We found a lovely den, which was selected for the first opportunity for pictures.
Treats and an obedient dog are a must for a photoshoot as the unpredictability of animals has to be carefully coupled with the great skills of a photographer! We timed it just right, as once we left, a family chose the den for their playtime games. That could have been a hectic and distracting situation as Coco is the
type of pup that would have loved to join them!
A very spontaneous moment was when Coco decided to jump up at a branch and do some lovely standing poses. This created a beautiful photo opportunity for Jack. 
There was also a moment of choosing between going to a shadowed area compared to a path lit by sunlight coming through the trees. Sinéad thought she was 'clever' by asking "Do you want to go to the light side, or the dark side?" Such a facepalm moment! Although, in-case you were wondering: we went to the dark side! 

This was a wonderful and productive afternoon. Saffron Pawtique would like to take this opportunity to thank Jack for his kind nature, patience and skilful approach to photography. 

Keep a look out for the photos that Aspired took. He works with small business’, so if you're looking for someone to work with for your business, go for it; Jack is brilliant!
It is so great when things come together so beautifully. Some of our favourite moments are those that were not planned!

Products used in the shoot:

Eco Pup Bali Blue Hoodie
Eco Pup Multi-Chevron Scarf
Geopetric Pink Blazer Bandana
Geopetric Purple Pawesome Collar
Geopetric Purple Pawesome Lead
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