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Turmeric Cork Collar

Type: Dog Collar

Handmade cork collars for your dog. These are great for walks, attaching tags to if you dog where's a harness and can be left during agility.

Wild Piccolo buckle collars are handmade from Cork.

  • 100% water-resistant
  • super light & soft 
  • extremely durable
  • strong
  • fashionable for dog 

Sizes: Collars are 2.5cm/1” in width
XS 20-29cm / 7.5-11.5”
S 25-35cm / 10-13.5”
M 30-45cm / 11.5-17.5”
L 40-55cm / 15.5-21.5”
XL 50-65cm / 19.5-25.5”

How to care for your collar:

If cork is dirty with mud or other excited things they have rolled in we recommend you just hand wash in fresh water! One of corks excellent qualities is that it is naturally antibacterial & smell/dust resistant. So your collar with be as good as new ready for your next adventure together!

Disclaimer: As the colours are made using natural dyes, we cannot guarentee the shade of the colour or discolouration. Salt water (sea) often alters the colour so we recommend to swill the collar with fresh water after. This will not affect the strength or the collar reliability. 

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