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Recycled Dog Ball Launcher

Type: Dog Toys

The first eco-friendly ball launcher with retractability.

We know how much some dogs absolutely love a game of fetch. Ball launchers have aided hours on fun for some dogs. 

The plastic used to make ball throwers is 100% sustainable, they are either made from recycled or plant based plastics.

It also has retractability, so it's easier to pop into a big coat pocket.

It even comes with a small carry bag to help avoid dog slobber filling up your pockets after playing. The hygiene covers are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Available in black or grey.

Does not include a ball but is designed to fit a standard tennis ball.

Manufactured in the UK.

Retracts to 25cm for ease of transporting it with you on walks. 

Item Weight                       135g 
Extended Length             
Retracted Length           

Safety Notice: Please ensure all children are supervised when using our dog ball launcher. Veterinary advice is to limit excessive ball thrower use until your dog is fully grown and to make ball throwing part of a balanced exercise routine for your dog. 

How To Use

How to use recycled ball launcher


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