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Pawsome Dog Harness

Type: Dog Harness

Custom designed, abstract style patterned nylon webbing pet harness featuring an easy to step-in to style. The nylon used is produced from recycling plastic bottles making this a fab eco-friendly product. Dual back clip D-rings for balanced weight distribution and reduced pressure on pets to avoid physical damage often caused from pulling. Provides more hooman control over energetic pets. 

Sizing (in inches): 

XS - 5/8" Width. Fits  12"-14" Neck. 13"-16" Torso.

S - 5/8" Width. Fits 14"-24" Neck. 14"-24" Torso. 

M - 1" Width. Fits  18"-30" Neck. 18"-30" Torso. 

L - 1" Width. Fits  22"-38" Neck. 22"-38" Torso. 

Measure your pet in inches using a soft cloth tape measure or string (which can be laid against a straight ruler to determine the measurement) to determine the circumference of your pet's neck & torso. Measure at the widest points. The most important measurement is across the broadest part of your pet's body (usually the torso behind the front legs around their ribs to the top of their shoulders). The harness must be able to fit snugly (but not too tight) behind your pet's front legs and around your pet's ribs to front shoulders and clip closed on their back. If the torso measurement you are obtaining is smaller than the size of the harness you select, the harness usually will not fit. Please keep this in mind when making your size selection. 

NOTE: Harness' are meant to fit as pictured. However some pets may find comfort with their harness being flipped around with the clips reversed from as shown. The product will function the same way.

Geopetric harness sizing