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Bamboo Dematting Rake


This dematting rake is handmade from bamboo. Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. It's a plentiful, renewable resource with many remarkable qualities making it an excellent material for these grooming tools! 

The Dematting Rake with Stainless Steel Serrated Blades is designed to remove stubborn mats and tangles without pulling on the fur, which can be really painful for our beloved pets. Using this brush regularly will prevent mats from getting worse and will reduce shedding from the undercoat.

Designed for pets with medium to long coats, the Dematting Rake is available in two different sizes. Each one features a rubber thumb support, made from bamboo (which is a highly sustainable material) and a handle designed with optimum comfort in mind.

Small/Medium: Ten 3,5cm Long Serrated Blades Over 3,8cm Wide
Large: Ten 4,5cm Long Serrated Blades Over 5cm Width
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