Camo Lead With Carabiner Clip

Type: Dog Lead

Wilderdog: built for adventures. Tough leads for tough dogs.

Dog leads made from rock climbing rope, proving to be the most durable leash available. So durable that they have lifetime warranty!

Each lead comes with a locking carabiner so your dog can't become unclipped (or back-clip himself). The carabiner makes it easy to clip your pup anywhere - while your busy getting a cuppa tea, putting on/taking off a coat (that ever changing English weather) or grabbing your cycling gear.

Would you like to make it harder for potential thieves to take the lead off your dog?
One of the advised products for this is a carabiner clip where you have to unscrew it to unclip it. The same as the one used here!


Small: has a 5/16" rope. Made for small to medium sized dogs. Carabiner is 35 mm x 60 mm at it's widest points, and weighs 0.5 oz. 5ft in length

Large: has a 3/8" rope, Made for medium sized dogs and larger.   Carabiner is 55mm x 90mm at its' widest points, and weighs 1.5 oz. 5ft in length

10ft: has a 3/8" rope, Made for medium sized dogs and larger.   Carabiner is 55mm x 90mm at its' widest points, and weighs 1.5 oz. 10ft in length

*These carabiner leashes are suitable for use with for almost all collars, including everyday buckle collars, quick release collars, prong collars, martingale collars, gentle leader-style walkers, harnesses, etc. Because they do not have a swivel function, please do not use with a metal choke chain training slip collar. If you do use a metal chain choke collar, please check out the Quick Clip leashes with swivel functionality.

Cleaning: Wash the rope by hand in your bathtub or a large bucket. Use warm water and mild soap (not detergent). Thoroughly swish the rope around, then drain the dirty water. Repeat until the water runs clean. Hang to dry, uncoiled, away from direct sunlight.


Yes - as long as you use the dog gear like you would use any other dog gear! As all of us dog owners know, a dog can chew through anything they put their mind to, so as long as you're not giving the leash, collar, or other products to your dog as a chew toy, we can guarantee it'll last forever. Any product that shows obvious signs they've been chewing on the product we cannot cover as it clearly does not fall within the normal use.

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