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Bamboo Cat Litter Scoop, Natural

by Beco
Type: Cat Hygiene

An easy clean scoop with a rigid handle. Graded sift holes mean you can keep your litter tray squeaky clean for your feline friend. Made from renewable materials including bamboo and cornstarch.

Key Points
• Renewable materials
• Sifting holes
• Rigid handle
• Easy to clean
• Available in 3 colours

• Bamboo powder
• Polypropylene
• Cornstarch
• Bran coat/rice husks

Further Information
Made from renewable materials this scoop washes clean easily
in warm soapy water. Pairs beautifully with the Beco Bamboo
Litter Tray.

Product Care
Wash regularly with warm
soapy water.

12 x 25 x 3cm