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15" Hemp and Cork Dog Traffic Lead

Type: Dog Lead

These dog leashes are perfect for walking through traffic. Being a shorter lead helps keep your dog next to your side. This can help keep them safer when crossing roads and walking along paths. This length is ideal for medium - large dogs.

This lead is eco-friendly due to being made from Organic Hemp webbing and sustainable Cork fabric. Extremely durable and strong leads, yet fashionable for any dog. 

Wild Piccolo is a family-owned, earth-conscious pet gear brand that is very passionate throughout its hand-making process. They ensure that the dog leads are vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. Wild Piccolo supplies are all hand-sewn and handcrafted in Ireland, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.

This product is for external use only and cannot be ingested. It does NOT contain any CBD or THC.

Materials: Black hemp webbing covered in cork

Size: 15" - Most suitable for medium-large dog breeds

Cleaning: If the cork is dirty with mud or other exciting things they have rolled in. We recommend just Hand Wash in Fresh Water! One of the cork's excellent qualities is that it is naturally antibacterial and smell/dust resistant. So your collar will be as good as new ready for your next adventure together