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Smug Mutts Top Knot Toy, Hemp and Beech wood. Natural.

Shining a Light on Smug Mutts

Shining a Light on Smug Mutts

The Smug Mutt range started by the team asking themselves why dog toys are not made from materials friendly to our environment and why dog toys are not always safe for dogs. This fuelled their drive into the adventure to start Smug Mutts and ensure that their product is safe for dogs and friendly to the environment.

So how have they ensured this?

All of their product materials are sourced within the EU and manufactured in the UK. Not only are they manufactured in the UK, they are actually handmade to ensure a quality, ethical and unique product.

Through their research, the Smug Mutts team found that natural hemp rope and untreated beech wood offered the safest, most sustainable options for their dog toys. By using these products it means that their toys are 100% plastic free, plant based, sustainable and the materials are safe. The list continues as it also means their products are made in the UK and their toys are robust & repairable. Alongside this their packing is responsibly chosen.  Wow. What a list of good ethical values.

How about we break those good values down further and maybe even add some more good points? Let's look at the materials more individually:

Why hemp?

  • It sheds in shirt length fibres which are digestible in small amounts, unlike cotton and other synthetic rope
  • Natural tooth burst action
  • Naturally anti-microbial + mould resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Earthy smell + soft texture
  • No herbicides/pesticides/chemicals required
  • Returns 60-70 % of nutrients it takes from the soil
  • Hemp is biodegradable, please dispose of correctly

Why Beechwood?

  • Strong + durable
  • No large splinters or sharp chunks should break off due to close grain structure. When chewed wood becomes soft, why dry it feels rough and it can be sanded back to former glory.
  • No additional treatment/chemicals/preservatives
  • Non-toxic
  • Used in children’s teething toys due to its qualities
  • Treat with coconut oil to preserve the wood

 Now you know why Smug Mutts makes a great contribution to our range. Let us know your views and your pups’ views on these products too.

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Please remember:
Ensure your dog is supervised while using this product.
Make sure the toy is in good condition (not a choking hazard.)
Ensure the size it suitable to your dog.
Not suitable for strong chewers.

pomsky with natural dog toypomsky with smug mutts toyTalia with a natural dog toy




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