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Shining a Light on Project Blu

Shining a Light on Project Blu

Shining a Light on Project Blu

Ocean Protectors and Pet Product Suppliers – how do they do it?

From the start Project Blu knew what they wanted to do: they set out to offer sustainable and affordable products that are built to last. Sourcing materials that pollute our environment and turning them into gorgeous pet products, Project Blu paired British designed with Italian craftsmanship.

Instead of plastic ending up in the ocean, Project Blu intercepts and uses the plastic, used clothing, fishing nets and recycled leather to create recycled fabric and fillings. Meaning that their products are made from 100% recycled materials that were destined to pollute the environment. All of the raw materials are fully certified by GRS.

Even the bed fillings are filled with upcycled plastic materials.

Once these products are used they can even be reused or recycled, think about donating them to local charities.

With wanting to do as much as possible to reduce waste is it any surprise there are more actions they take to support our world?

With every sale Project Blu donates to the Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank builds and activates recycling infrastructure in the worlds poorest regions. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and returned for cash, digital currency, healthcare, school tuition and more.

Carbon neutral – every tonne of carbon they emit they pay for a tonne to be removed from the atmosphere. This is carbon emitted in all business areas including transport, gas, electricity and travel.

The projects they are linked with make them carbon neutral by protecting trees, building wind energy, preventing harmful gasses entering atmosphere and more.

Project Blu has converted over 2.5 million plastic bottled since May 2019

They do all this yet Project Blu is currently working on products to reduce their emissions directly.

The majority of their footprint lies in the raw materials, so they continue to source low carbon materials such as recycled PET and clothes. They also maximise ocean shipping rather than air shipping, increase energy efficiency, and purchase renewable energy,  

Don’t look back. Look forward. Be inventive. Support your world.

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