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Daily Sustainable Habits

Daily Sustainable Habits

Daily Sustainable Habits

Wait, you're a pet boutique writing about general habits we can do to be more sustainable?

Of course we are. 

Why? Well, let me tell you.. once upon a time...

Got you - there is no fancy story here just a little statement:

Every little thing we do adds to the bigger picture. We support ethical choices not just for our pets but within our daily life too. We know our decisions are not going to be perfect so the more we can do with a sustainable mind the better. We try to have positive habits right down to the loo roll!

So join us? Don't worry it's easier than you think! We pawromise (sorry, cannot not do a pet pun!).

Let's get started.

Daily Sustainable Habits:

Loo roll - choose toilet roll that is made through a sustainable source. Choose a brand who cares about reforestation and no plastic. Even better if they give to people too. That's why our office loos contain rolls from Who Gives A Crap.

Food Wrapping - So a lot of people have been behind using plastic containers. Yes they are reusable so better than just throwing away plastic bags or clingfilm options. But, if you're anything like I am, you already have spare containers in the cupboards: bowls/plates/pots/pans. Just sometimes you need something to cover them with. Or even the tin you just opened. Tin can be recycled into more tin and yet we then cover them with plastic. Have a thought about wrapping/covering your food in beeswax or even plant based wraps! No plastic, reusable, no sticking together like annoying clingfilm and when it's life cycle comes to and end it's biodegradable with no micro-plastic beads. All safe. Oh and instead of one day - it can last a good year!

Washing clothes - these products tend to contain plastic from packaging to micro-plastics and even high doses of chemicals. Which are all harmful to the environment. We've not been able to find a brand that can completely take away chemicals but one brand who has reduced them and uses recyclable packaging is Smol. There are many other solutions out there including refills. Find one that suits your lifestyle and go from there.

Water Bottles - This one is everywhere because such a small change can make such a huge impact. Plastic water bottles is one of the biggest waste and often in people's mind as just a small crushable bottle but they add up. and they add up quickly. Choosing steel/aluminium may not seem great and the process of making them from scratch can cost the environment. However, once made, they can be recycled endlessly back into the same product. Or you could choose a biodegradable bottle made out of bamboo or others. But this change is definitely top of our lists.

Washing Up Brushes - A lot of brushes and even sponges are plastic and add to the huge amounts of plastic you nay have seen in documentaries or even heard about. The ones that pollute the ocean and damage wildlife. A better solutions is going for products from a sustainable source - eg bamboo, which is actually a fast growing grass! Or more natural products as these are biodegradable and better in manufacturing and waste production. Something like beech wood is great, we source some of these from Green Pear Eco.

Use Your Bins Correctly - Yes, this is still a thing. So much so that sometimes whole lorry loads of recyclable waste actually ends up on landfill because people have put the wrong products in the bin. This doesn't just affect their waste bin amount it effects the whole lorry load. Sometimes more if the bin men don't realise the waste is not all recyclable and it's been put on top of other recyclable waste too. It's a small, everyday thing. That makes a much bigger impact than one wheelie bin load. So please ensure you try and keep your rubbish in the right bin.

Pets Products - Of course, being a pet brand we have to talk about this too. But one of the reasons of starting Saffron Pawtique is that I wanted more ethical products for my dog, ones I felt were safer. Compared to them chewing up lots of plastic. So think about these too. Check out this blog to help further:  How to be an eco-friendly pet owner


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