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Shine a Light on Natural Dog Company

Shine a Light on Natural Dog Company

Shine a Light on Natural Dog Company

✓ Organic ✓ Natural ✓ Donates ✓ Vegan ✓ Cruelty Free ✓

Natural Dog Company expertise lies within their soothing balms and shampoo bars. Their founder had some unexpected health issues that led her to adopt a natural, toxin-free lifestyle. Through this she studies and became a Nutrition Consultant and Master Herbalist. Taking all the new skills and knowledge she had learnt, she started applying these to her dog’s lifestyle too. This is when she found Natural Dog Company to provide natural solutions for dogs.

Applying a toxin-free and natural lifestyle to these products means that the balms and shampoo bars only contain organic and natural ingredients. To ensure the ingredients are toxin-free they care about how the ingredients are grown. By sourcing organic ingredients it maintains there standards of never use pesticides, chemical enhanced fertilisers or other harmful additives. Through using the power of plant based ingredients the products they are 100% natural and therefore vegan.

Alongside this Natural Dog Company wanted to ensure the products do what they say on the tin: soothe and heal. They conducted extensive research and held a thorough selection process on the plant-based ingredients. This provides the knowledge that they products will help your dog. To ensure they keep high standards throughout their production and testing: they do not test on laboratory animals. Which also means the products are cruelty free.

They believe in their range –we do too – and are proud to ensure that their products are even hand crafted!

With their high ethos flowing through everything they do, they also want to support other dogs. Natural Dog Company does this through donating to rescue shelters, non-profit organizations, organized fundraising events, charitable festivals, & more. Products that just keep giving.

So now maybe you can agree that Natural Dog Company produce high-quality, 100% natural solutions for dogs of every age, size, breed, & gender.

Safe for dogs, straight from the earth, & absolutely no processed, harmful toxins

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