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Shine a Light on Kompact 9

Shine a Light on Kompact 9

Shine a Light on Kompact 9

When the lovely people behind Kompact9 kept lugging around a long ball thrower and dealing with dog slobber they became frustrated. This frustration turned into problem solving and they have launched Kompact 9 Ball Launchers.

These ball launchers retract so that the ball launcher fits more easily into a big pocket, making carrying them that little bit easier. The overall size of the ball launchers is less than standard launchers, yet their throwing ability has not been compromised.

Not only has the size been looked at when designing these ball launchers but so has the ease of throwing. This is because the ball cup is designed to release the ball with greater ease and expend less energy.

To keep the ball launcher eco-friendly there are two designs that meet these requirements. These designs ensure that the products does not negatively impact the environment and that they are ethically made. One design is made 100% from recycled materials, the other is made from plant based materials.

To keep environmental impact low they have even engineered their supply chain to minimise carbon footprint and recycle water used in the manufacturing process.


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