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How to Carry Poo Bags

How to Carry Poo Bags

How to Carry Poo Bags

Why Do I Need Poo Bags? 

Everyone should clear up their dog's poo on a walk. Unfortunately not everyone does.

Leaving poo may seem ok to leave because surely it's biodegradable and is natural? Well, actually it depends what you've been feeding your dogs: any medicine, any wormers, what about bits of chewed up toys or does their food contain preservatives? These can be damaging to the environment. 
Dog poo also contains various bacterias that can pollute waterways and even spread diseases, like E-Coli. They can also contain worms - which can pass onto you, your friends, your family and even other dogs.

Not only are their major health benefits to you and your dog for clearing up dog poo; it's also actually the LAW that you pick up after your dogs. You can be fined up to £80. 

So in short: pick up the poo to create a healthier space for you, your friends, your family, your dog, other dogs and the environment. It's a no brainer really.


Of course it is not a fun job. But by taking on a dog you also take on this responsibility. The thought of lots of dog bags in all of your pockets is annoying. Often it's also easy to think you have enough poo bags but you've actually not managed to take that many while they are stuffed in your pocket. Or have you ever tried to take one out and a few fallout of your pocket, and of course, typically the wind picks up and you end up littering and losing your poo bag supply. It's not fun. There is a possible solution... 

Poo Bag Carriers.

Poo-Bag Carriers For You

Koko Collective

The poo bag carriers from Koko Collective come in a range of colours. They are a functional addition to your dog walks, best attached to dog leads with a split ring included and can be clipped onto your trousers or travel bag. 

Their ethical credentials: Organic hemp lining, recycled bicycle inner tube detailing and plastic free.

Bonus to these is that when you buy one you also get a free roll of poo bags!


The Wilderdog poo bag carrier features two clips. One so you can clip the bag to a lead/belt loop/bag or anywhere you find suits. A second clip to prevent the annoying dangling as it can be used to keep the holder closer to the leash. It fits one whole roll of bags in!

Green & Wilds

A lovingly crafted poo bag carrying pouch that is fit for any high street. This stylish pouch holds 3 or 4 bags (should be enough for most regular movers!). Features a chrome spring clip to attach to a lead or clothes.  If you are fed up of plastic holders or filling your pockets, or tying around a lead; you’ll love one of these.    

An alternative to plastic this poo pag pouch is 100% real leather. made from fine black hide.

Their ethical credentials: no plastic.


Dog & Coast 

These handcrafted poo bag holders are the perfect choice for an eco conscious dog owner.  They are made from cork fabric which is a natural, vegan alternative to leather.  Cork fabric is soft to the touch, vegan and sustainable.
Please note all Dog & Coast bags are handcrafted.  Therefore, they may vary slightly in shape, colour and size.  

Dog & Coast, eco-friendly poo bag carrier


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