SilverVine Skewers

Type: Cat Toys

This is a natural multi-purpose cat toy to aid playtime and dental health.

These toys are made by Natural Toys 4 Cats. They designed toys to help keep playtime safe, eco-friendly and fun.

Packaging size: 2¾X7¼ X1¾.

Gall Skewers Materials: All natural aromatic silver vine gall fruits. A central thick silver vine stick.  

Stick Skewers Materials: A central, thick silver vine stick. Three Organic Silver Vine lumber based skewers. 

Silver vine (a.k.a matatabi) is a non-toxic plant that grows mostly in the high mountains of Asia. Known to create a blissful response in cats; similar to the response to catnip but can appear to be more intense. Silver Vine is a great alternative to catnip. For cats who are immune to catnip they might respond positively to silver vine. Effects can last 5-30 mins. 

Packaging: At the beginning Natural Cat Toys were packaged in paper board with blister shell, which can be recycled. However, they received so many complaints regarding the packaging size being too big. Therefore at this moment in time Natural Cat Toys are packaged in plastic bags to keep size down.
The other issue raised was having air-tight packaging.  Since most eco-friendly or recyclable materials cannot make air-tight packing. This would caused the product's fragrance to dramatically decreasing during the transportation and storage period.
Natural Cat Toys are hoping that, in the near future, they will be able to source affordable air-tight, environmental friendly material for their packaging.