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Premium Box Large Dog Poo Bags

Type: Dog Poo Bags

These packs are ideal for those who work with pups. Not only does owning a dog mean lots of waste to clear but for those working with pups it tends to multiply that amount. Reduce the environmental damage and swap for Eco Friendly poo bags. 

Eco-friendly materials using oceanex and recycled plastic.

1,000 Scot-Petshop large, thick dog poo bags.

  • Eco friendly
  • 20% of materials in the bags are made from a renewable source.
  • Using oceanex and recycled plastic material
  • Not on a roll.
  • Tie handles
  • Large, Extra thick, unscented poo bags.

Oceanex: A resin made including 20% oyster shell waste from a sustainable source. This means bags are made using less oil-based polymer and the replacement material is bio-renewable.

Size: 175mm x 275mm x 375mm. 
20 micron thickness