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Interactive IQ Dog Game: Rebus

Type: Dog Toys

Bring out the master sleuth in your dog! The K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ game Rebus made from wood, is designed to give dogs a fun treat seeking task that will challenge and keep them occupied for hours.  Rebus has a difficulty rating of four paws.

This game has seven sections to master! To the left and the right sides of the game there are three round stops (six in total) that have to be pushed out by your dog to the top, bottom and sides which then reveal chambers to retrieve a tantalising treat from. The centre section has two sliding covers which house underneath a further three cups for tasty morsels to be hidden in. 

Both product and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials

Diifculty: 4/5

Size: 2.8cm Depth x 27.5cm Width x 27.5cm Height

This toy is made to be interacted with, between you and your dog(s), to find the treats. If the level is too challenging dogs may try to dig or chew their way to the treats in frustration. Please do not leave your dog unattended incase they try this. This toy is designed so you can your dog can work together to help them find the treats. Once all the treats have been found we advise you remove the puzzle ready for another day of play.