Dog Place Board

Type: Dog Training

The perfect eco place board for your dog or puppy training. It's made with natural carpet for the perfect compliment to indoor training as well as outdoors!

Place boards are perfect training aids for working with your puppy or dog. They give you a different surface so you can ensure your dog is either sitting and staying in one place or is has a clear target when coming back on recall. There are so many possibilities with place boards including agility and gun dog training - it's worth talking to your trainer about how these can benefit you. 

A carpet top provides an alternative to the grass toppings you often see. This means they can look great inside your home and outside.  They are an anti-slip platform, which is an important feature to keep your dog safe when going onto the board with drive (from a run).

Item specifics:

  • The tops are made of sturdy OSB board and measure the industry standard: Metric, 61cm x 38cm/ Imperial, 24” x 15”

  • The board is covered in a non-slip mat made from Jute.

  • The platforms are constructed with treated timber. 

  • The weight of one board is about 4.6kg.


*Note: the photos of dogs on place boards were when the boards were made with coir. The stock photos are of the board you would be getting that is made with a Jute carpet top. Both boards have been made to the same size so the lifestyle images are to aid size comparisons. *


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