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Olive Dog Bag


Wilderdog: built for adventures. Tough collars for tough dogs.

Are you forever putting your pup's food in plastic zip bags or carrier bags? Here is the perfect way to reduce the amount of plastic bags you may have used.

Intended use is as a portable kibble carrier that comes with a stainless steel mug to help portion out meals. We also believe you can use this bag for carrying various pup gear on your adventures. 

Find out just what others have been using their bag for here.

There is a side and top handle for easy carrying with an additional loop to clip other items onto.

The Dog Bag packs down to however much kibble is packed for a space-saving design, and holds about 40 cups, or 5 lbs of kibble when full. The bag is approximately 12" x 18" when laid out flat. It is water resistant for every adventure.

Simply fill and go! If your pup's kibble is especially greasy, or you plan on keeping kibble inside the bag for an extended period of time, we advise double bagging the kibble - a large baggie inside the doggie bag will prevent grease transference.

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