Bamboo Food Scoop Natural

by Beco

A large scoop made from bamboo fibres and rice husk. It's BPA free, strong and durable, lasting for years in the home. It has a rigid handle and a capacity of 500ml. Now you can easily dish up dinner, no matter the size of your dog.

12 x 36 x 5cm

Bamboo Powder
PLA resin - PLA is a plant-based material
Bran Coat/Rice Husks

Product Care
Wash regularly in warm soapy water.
Dishwasher friendly - top shelf, low temperature.

Quality Matters
Bamboo & Rice Husk: Bamboo fibres blended with rice husks, a by-product of rice farming, to create a hardy scoop. The natural strength of bamboo makes them as tough and hard wearing as plastic alternatives.
Bamboo- some fun facts: Bamboo grows in abundance 30 x faster than trees. In turn, producing 30 x more oxygen and absorbing 35 x more carbon dioxide. It's a cut-and-come-again plant, which means it can be cropped without disrupting the root ball, minimising carbon release when it's harvested.
Easy clean:This scoop is top shelf dishwasher friendly and wipes clean easily. Perfect for top quality dry foods that use fresh meat and fish, so are naturally oily.